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The Kilmer Brothers

Journey - by The Kilmer Brothers

The Kilmer Brothers began in Los Angeles enjoying similar styles of music. Kent, primarily bass, keyboard, and vocals, but sometimes guitar and percussion, started playing music at a fairly early age in high school. Growing up in the 60’s would have a big music influence on anyone and that it did for the Kilmer brothers. Kents’ older brother Tom started picking up the guitar in college in between football on the weekends. Soon the brothers got some friends together to fill in the other sections to make a full band. Tom began writing songs with vocals and so did Kent. They eventually converted Tom’s garage into a music studio to go with the 4 track real to real machine he had just baught. Over the years throughout their regular day jobs and family lives(roughly 1976 – 1985 for this album) they would get together and help record each others tunes that they had made during the year. “The different sounds of instruments and voices along with a messaage or narrative became exciting to us. As we began to learn to play musical instruments, over time we were able to take part in this art form of writing songs.” said Tom. “Journey” is exactly that, a journey in time over years of having fun making music together. Crack a beer and enjoy the sounds of The Kilmer Brothers!


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